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Vendor Spotlight: Platinum Eventions

Updated: Feb 10

Garbrielle Allen Owner of Platinum Eventions

We met Garbrielle last year at one of the largest wedding, Zino & Anna! Garbrielle and her team amazed us on how effortlessly they designed planned and managed Zino & Anna's two day Nigerian Wedding. We recently sat down with Garbrielle to get to know about her event planning business.

LIM: First off, Tell us about the time you planned/decorated your first wedding?

GA: It was actually my own wedding. I had a planner however I was able to give her a clear direction on my wedding vision. It was that experience that sparked my interest in specifically wedding planning. My love for seeing an event from beginning to end however started in college when I was on the executive board of a modeling troupe.

LIM: How long have you been in business? Are you a black owned business? If so, how does it feel to be a black owned business?

GA: Platinum Eventions has been in business for 6 years and counting. We are a black owned business. It feels wonderful to be a black owned business because so many couples now are looking to support black owned wedding vendors specifically. We are able to connect with our clients in a special way because we understand their love and experiences.

LIM: Can you describe the type of clients you design for?

We design event experiences for clients that have a vision for their wedding day but need someone to bring it all together. Our clients don't necessarily want the most popular wedding elements, they want a wedding experience unique to their love story.

LIM: Where is your business located?

GA: We are based in Atlanta, GA however we are available anywhere our clients are located.

LIM: Anna & Zino's wedding was one of the biggest weddings we shot this year. What was the inspiration around the design for their wedding?

GA: I wanted to capture their wedding theme and ensure everything flowed from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and then the reception. Capturing their 1920's woodland theme ceremony and adding more of a gold element to their cocktail hour to bridge the gap for their Great Gatsby reception was such a joy! It was so beautiful to see all of the themes transition throughout the day.

LIM: Tell us your favorite moment from Zino's & Anna's wedding

GA: Seeing wedding guests from both cultures enjoy the live band and traditional Nigerian music from the DJ. It was like one big happy family! We loved it.

LIM: Do you have any future plans for your business?

GA: We would love to continue bringing one of kind experiences to our clients. We would like for our team to continue to grow so that we are able to bring The Platinum Eventions Experience to more clients.

To learn more about Garbrielle and her business check out her website and social media below:

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