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Love in Motion is a wedding film and photography collective. We're fascinated by new love, old love, and things that feel nostalgic - old photos, 90's fashion, and chivalry. We're visionaries, lovers of art, music, film, and tangible things in a digital world. We are many things, but most of all, we're optimists. Rain or shine, you'll enjoy watching us work and when you're happy, we're happy. It's a great honor to tell your love story, but we value listening just as much.

We're constantly evolving, growing, building - never stagnant and always in motion. 

Meet The Team

Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Love In Motion Weddings LLC

Hannah Aryee

Hannah Aryee brings her eye of photography and above other things: Art & Design into capturing the essence of every love story.

From engagement sessions to the wedding day; the thrills of meeting new couples Hannah enjoys being able to tell their love story through photos.

Best Atlanta Wedding Videographer | Love In Motion Weddings LLC

Alex Oshifodunrin

After picking up a camera for the first time in high school, Alexander Oshifodunrin gained a passion for storytelling and documentaries. When accepted into Georgia State University for his undergraduate studies, he began to craft a way to merge his love for storytelling with his new goal, entrepreneurship.

Shortly after graduating from Georgia State University with Cum Laude distinction, Love In Motion Weddings was born. Alexander looks forward to capturing your big day, with the intimate moments of your wedding day that will forever be with you.

Best Atlanta Wedding Videographer | Love In Motion Weddings LLC

Joel Harris

Joel Adrian is a visionary and cinematographer by trade. He brings insight from the cinema and film world and translates that into the wedding atmosphere.

Telling your love story and capturing the essence of your greatest day in a way that memorable, exciting, and authentic is where he shines.

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