Wedding Tips



I’ve shot over 50 weddings (and counting) so I have seen it all, from tracking down missing rings to overly hungry brides. Hopefully, these wedding tips will help ensure that you won’t have to become a bridezilla and enjoy your big day!

Tip #1

Bustling your Wedding Dress



You’re about to enter your reception but you need to bustle your dress, you call for your sister or whoever was with you when taught how to bustle it. But that was months ago and you can’t physically help all you can do is shout “It should be some loops at the bottom of the dress!”

But your sister forgot where exactly the loops are and the loops are small and white camouflage in the dress. You get frustrated and say forget it and just decided to hold your train for the rest of the night.

Just get some paper clips or safety pins and pinned them on the loops, that way the person who is bustling your dress can see the loops in no time without frantically searching. A safety pin? That’s it? Yes try it, and don't worry you won’t be able to see them in your photos, unless you get the grandma gigantic pins/paper clips, please don't do that.


Tip #2

Listen to Mother Nature


It’s been known that guests skip out early during outside weddings. Mosquitos are the #2 reason next the sun blaring out heat. If you having a Georgia wedding in the summer, then you should definitely remember Georgia mosquitoes are nothing to play with.

Consider renting a pest control tank to alleviate the bites or buy bug repellent in guest gift bags.

To beat the heat you can have fans with the program written on it to save money or you can have a sunset ceremony so your guest won’t be baking in the heat. Make sure you check out to ensure your ceremony with start in time for the sunset. One last thing, make sure your venue has a plan B option in case of rain!



Send Off (Alternatives)


What’s a better way to go out with a bang with a sparkler send-off? But the venue you chose don’t allow “fireworks” on the property. Don’t worry there are some (cheap) alternatives to have an awesome send-off.

If you’re having a send-off in the daytime you can use bubbles, which will be fun for kids and could be used as a wedding favor as well. Confetti is the messiest, depends on what type of confetti you use, and no glitter is not considered confetti. Lastly, a balloon release is my favorite because you don’t have to worry about cleaning up waste and it adds a pop of color to your photos.

A night for a  send-off you can use glow sticks which can also be fun for kids. Or paper lanterns in which can be warmingly cool.


Tip #4

Kids or No Kids?


Who doesn’t love the babies? But when you and your soon to be husband are exchanging vowels and all you hear is baby girl crying on the top of her lungs, you probably feel the regret of allowing kids at the wedding. Saying “Please leave kids at home” on the invitation may sound mean and inconsiderate, so here’s a solution to a kid-free ceremony.

Hire a wedding babysitter!

Sounds simple? It is, wedding babysitters come in clutch because you won’t have to kids running around and parents freaking out because they can’t find their little ones. Most brides have a designated area for the kids and babysitter to be in during the ceremony, that way the kids are in one place supervised by an adult.