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Updated: Jan 15, 2023

As a bride, you most probably picked your Maid-Of-Honor, Secondary Sponsors, and Bridesmaids because they are special and close to your heart. Whether they are your sister, a relative, or close friends, members of the entourage were chosen to have a role in the wedding because you want to ensure that they are beside you on your big day.

Make sure that your girls look their best on your wedding day with these trending adorable fashion ideas for their dresses!

Go for the classic one shade but different styles Having your ladies dressed in one shade but in different designs is a classic move in weddings. Give your entourage the chance to showcase their personality and preference by letting them choose unique cuts and styles.

Add variety by having one color in different shades

If you want some play of colors for your entourage's dresses, you may choose one color but in different shades. You get to enjoy seeing them wear your favorite color and adding individuality to each woman in various hues. It's up to you if you want them wearing the same style or let them choose different cuts and designs as well.

Look wonderful in white

Glam your wedding by making your ladies look lovely in white. Never go wrong with white because it is classy and elegant. Wearing white also makes anyone more radiant. While you are on it to make your bride squad shine brightly, you may even give them quick beauty hacks. Don't worry- as the bride, you still will stand out from the rest!

Be bold in black

While black is not a popular choice of color motif for weddings, it is actually not that bad. Black spells out boldness and sophistication. Make your wedding edgy by getting your girls to wear black. You can also be assured that your entourage will use their dresses afterward as a little black dress (LBR). That black dress makes a good entourage gift!

Sparkle in metallic

Want to have a glamorous, old Hollywood feel for your wedding? Why not try dressing up your entourage in sparking metallics! You can select dresses in gold, silver, or bronze. If budget permits, you can even add beadwork for that extra shimmer.

make it fun with jewel-toned dresses

Make your wedding colorful and happy by getting jewel-toned dresses for your bridesmaids! You can either have one jewel-toned color or go with different hues for each lady. You might even want to consider matching the color theme to the meaningful color of your engagement ring to remind you of the memorable day when you said yes.

Be blooming with mismatched florals

Be creatively different with mismatched floral print dresses for your bride squad! Not only does this give a dainty look for your chosen women, but it exudes a fresh styling as well. This design is perfect for outdoor and garden weddings.

Create layers with different lengths

Empower your ladies by letting them choose the hemline height that is most suited to their bodies. It makes your ladies more confident in your wedding and gives a uniqueness that looks interesting.

Here are other fashion ideas that you can adapt to make your wedding a feast in the eye.

Come up with a nice pre-ceremony look

Do not forget the pre-ceremony shoot you will have with your entourage! You can come up with a themed pre-ceremony look such as matching robes or a laidback styling such as wearing pajamas or loungewear.

Having a themed look for the pre-ceremony will make the wedding photos more exciting as it shows a different side of the ladies before being glammed up.

Add coordinated details

If you gave your wonderful women the freedom to vary their dresses, you could implement coordinated detailing to have a shared look. They can have the same hairstyles and accessories, or everyone has a glam makeup look or red lipsticks on. Through this, your entourage will also be easily distinguished from other guests.

Share the love to mother earth

Since going green is a trend nowadays, you can choose to be sustainable by looking for clothing made with eco-friendly materials with a larger life cycle from companies that commit to a cleaner environment. This clothing will allow you to be mindful of the products you use even after the wedding and inspire your entourage and guests to do the same and start supporting sustainable items.

Wrapping up

Your wedding is the most important day for you and your soon-to-be husband. But it does not mean that you can't let your entourage shine on that day too. Show your love for them by making them look good on this wondrous occasion.

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