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7 Types of Engagements Sessions

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

We get asked this all the time, “What Should we wear?” and “Where should we shoot?” Most couples overthink it, but we always say your personality will help you pick your style of the engagement session! Here are a few suggestions.

NO. 1

Sunset Engagement Session

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing, especially sunsets! Scheduling your engagement session at the right time for the sunset can transform your photos in minutes. Most couples wear a formal outfit for this setting.

NO. 2

Surprise Proposal/Engagement Session

An “Impromptu” surprise Proposal is another creative setting for engagement sessions. It’s almost like knocking out two birds with one stone. Most couples have semi-formal outfits or casual outfits.

NO. 3

Formal Engagement Session

Shooting at your wedding venue is an easier way to capture your pre‑essence of the wedding day. Most couples want a formal look to go with their overall style of the wedding.

NO. 4

Casual Engagement Session

Most couples just want a carefree engagement, easier to relax and show their authentic personality. Parks are a nice backdrop to showcase carefree sessions and a great space for sports lovers or nature lovers.

NO. 5

Parody Engagement Session

Some Couples love to think outside the box! Doing so opens up a range of creativeness, there is nothing like a rendition of you and your fiancé's favorite movie, singer, or pop culture moment!

NO. 6

Night Life Engagement Session

Want to go for a more romantic or dramatic scenery? Waiting until the City come to life to capture the essence of a nightlife engagement session. Most couples dress formally to stand out against the busy but light studded background.

NO. 7

City Engagement Sessions

Hitting the city on the weekend can be exhilarating! you never know who’s going to stop you to congratulate you or what celebrity you see 👀. Not only that, but the city creates a movie-like backdrop that transforms you and your fiancé into a picture-perfect world. Many couples love this style in opt-in a formal outfit

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